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Bluetooth Audio Hub

Covert users are catered for with a simplified Hub providing connectivity to familiar covert specific devices. Existing techniques and practices are retained, and in some cases existing equipment can be re-used for a cost effective transition.

A Bluetooth RCU is available providing familiar functionality as well as Bluetooth remote PTT and Tone devices concealed in vehicle key fobs.

The Covert Hub can also be configured to provide Sonic’s Zero Interference system, which eliminates inductive interference in the earpiece, drastically reducing user fatigue.

Features & Specifications

  • Lemo socket

  • 3.5mm Jack

  • USB-C

  • Neckloop/Mic Ind Connectivity

  • Local PTT

  • Local Emergency (SOS) Button

  • Discrete (GSM) Headset Connectivity

  • USB Charging


Sonic’s ESN External Equipment Interface (ESN EEI) is a NATS approved partner application to the RSMs, adding functionality to the Programmable Function Buttons as well as providing an LED blackout option (Dark Mode), useful interface and battery status information.

The transmission of pre-selected Operational Status Messages (OSM) and the ability to ANS/END or REJECT an incoming VoIP or Secure Full Duplex call from a single button press render the RSM and EEI combination an essential tool in operational communications.

Note: For Radio and/or Smartphone compatability, please contact us for more infomation.

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