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Bluetooth RCU

The Covert Bluetooth RCU is designed for a wide variety of radios and smartphones allowing the user to manage key controls of the radio/smartphone.

The RCU unit is powered from an internal 3.7V 170mA/hr Li-ion battery and takes less than 1hr to charge. In addition, the unit can be charged via any 5V DC charging device which uses a micro USB connector.

During charging, the device will indicate status with a red LED. Green will indicate full charge. Once disconnected from the charger, the device will always be powered off until turned on by the user.

Features & Specifications

• Channel change/talk group select
• Volume up/down
• Emergency
• Options (hang up)
• Weight 32g
• RCU is made from ABS Plastic
• 15 Hours (Approx) usage time from single charge


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