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Brooch Inductor, Mircophone & Wireless PTT

The slim design provides an excellent low profile solution when worn under clothing allowing for a higher level of discretion in covert operations.

It has a built-in, high quality Knowles microphone for covert transmissions along with a wired two button PTT/ TONE assembly. The buttons are recessed in an ergonomically designed slim moulding producing a high quality feel. The tone button sends out real time tones over the air and are heard in the user’s induction earpiece for increased operational confidence.

The mic/Inductor is usually worn on the upper shoulder under clothing. The audio signal from the radio's output terminal is fed into a coil that is wound on a special magnetic Mu metal strip. The varying current in the coil produces a magnetic field around the user's head.

The receive audio is heard with the use of an Analogue or Digital Wireless Earpiece. The earpiece contains a coil which converts the magnetic field back to audio & feeds it to a miniature sound amplifier.

A wireless two button PTT/ TONE key fob is also available as an option.

Features & Specifications

  • Radio Connector (Wired to In-Line PTT)

  • In-Line PTT

  • Microphone Inductor (Wired to In-Line PTT)

  • Wireless Keyfob for PTT /Tone

Note: We recommend the user only uses Sonic recommended wireless earpieces in conjunction with the Mic/Inductor. This will ensure maximum benefit while retaining the sensitivity and clarity of audio in the field of operation.

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