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PV-500 Eco 2

The PV500 Eco 2 by LawMate is a first level law enforcement grade pocket digital video recorder.
Built and designed for professional covert video surveillance operations.

This portable pocket DVR features a high picture resolution of 720x576 at 25 fps. With time and date stamping, this rugged unit will serve your covert video operational functions well.
With the PV500 Eco 2 release, this fourth-generation pocket digital video recorder now has touch screen controls and a new tile platform interface for ease of use.

The LawMate PV-500 Eco 2 recorder has the ability to record continuously or can be set to motion activation. It can be used for both body-wear walk around covert video applications or stationary in place covert video operations. The standard clip-on battery will power the recorder for 3+ hours, the optional BA-4400mAh BATTERY will power the recorder for 6+ hours. Multiple batteries to be charged? Simply apply the BCM-DUO1 dual battery charger for convenience.

A new feature for the PV-500 Eco 2 is the ability to support 12v cameras using the supplied cabling. This recorder is designed to work with the range of LawMate analogue camera options including the excellent LawMate BU-19 Button Camera. Using the supplied AV input cable, you can also use this excellent DVR with any non-LawMate camera. The DVR also provides the option to record in 3, 5 or 10 minute file lengths.
Since memory storage is to a SD card you can use up to 32Gb cards. If you start to run out of memory space, just remove the SD card and place another one inside it.

Features & Specifications

  • Small Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder

  • IR Remote Controller

  • New Touch Screen Controls

  • High Resolution 720 x 576 (25 fps/PAL) or 720x480 (30fps/NTSC)

  • Time Stamp Functionality

  • Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality

  • USB Connection for data transfer

  • SD Card Storage (up to 32gb)

  • Colour 3 inch TFT Display

  • Compatible with Analogue Cameras

  • Easy to use interface

  • Delete files on device

  • Reformat SD Card on Device

  • Optional password protection

  • Screen lock function

  • LCD Display: 3 inch TFT LCD

  • Picture Resolution: 720x576

  • Frame Rate: 25 fps

  • TV Output: NTSC/PAL Adjustable

  • Video Format: MPEG4

  • Photo format: JPEG

  • Storage Format: FAT32, NTFS

  • Remote Control: IR Remote Control

  • Wire Control: Power ON/OFF Wire Pilot Control

  • PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0

  • Microphone: AGC Quality (with LawMate camera solutions)

  • File Generation Gap Time: 3 seconds

  • Date/Time: YYYY/MM/DD. HH:MM:SS

  • Operation Time: CCD Camera: 200 min, CMOS Camera: 250 min

  • Battery Life: 200+ min

  • Charging Time: 4 Hour

  • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery: 2200mA/4400mA

  • Speaker S/N: >95 dB

  • Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V

  • Power Supply Current: Recording: 600 mAH, Playback: 480 mAH

  • Memory: SD and Micro SD (up to 32gb capacity)

  • Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 17 mm

Package Contents:

  • Lawmate PV500 ECO2 Pocket DVR

  • IR Controller

  • USB Cable

  • DC 5V Charger

  • Carrying Case / padded holster

  • Li-ion Battery

  • Earphones

  • AV Cables (AV-in/AV-out)

  • Cable Controller

  • 16gb Micro SD card (with adaptor)

  • PV500 ECO2 Guid

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