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Rugged Dual Radio HIU

Headset Interface Units provide maximum operational flexibility for a radio user allowing headset or earpiece connections to one or two radios alongside remote or wireless PTT capability. They remove the radio(s) from the operatives chest and allow it to be secured elsewhere on the body for comfort, security or optimum propagation reasons. Rugged housings and efficient clothing attachments via clips or Klickfast studs place Headset Interface Units as essential where mission critical flexibility is a must.

A dual radio device with latching headset connection, proven mil spec radio connectors, and dual wireless PTT capability allowing an operative to monitor Command and Control Communications and local immediate tactical co-ordination nets.

Features & Specifications

  • Please contact us for full technical details

Note: We can configure the most appropriate solution for any given requirement and scenario. From Ops Room to Public Order duties, when coupled with the correct choice of PTT unit, Sonic have the answer.  Contact our sales team for more information.

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