Ear Defender range

PELTORâ„¢ ComTac XPI Headset


Specifically designed for military personnel to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise, improve situational awareness and at the same time enable two-way radio communication in noisy environments. This product is compatible with other military gear like helmets and protective vests. The ComTac XPI is a fully independent dual earphone system for talk through and external radio signal. It is designed to be worn comfortably under a helmet, be used with different kinds of weapons without being in the way, and at the same time protect effectively against harmful noise levels.



  • Headset designed for military personnel to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise, improve situational awareness and at the same time enable two-way radio communication in noisy environments
  • Plug and play', no start up time
  • Level dependant function for ambient listening
  • Earplug mode (maintains situational awareness when used in combination with earplugs)
  • Automatic power off after two hours if no function is used
  • No software loads or outside power required, complete self contained headset with power fail safe
  • Tested according to military standards



Supreme Electronic Headset


The Supreme headset is an electronic Level Dependent hearing protector, designed to conform to International MIL-specifications and other extreme conditions. The Supreme headset allows the wearer to hear ambient sound/speech normally, but will instantly shut-off during high impulse sound such as discharge of weapons, to provide the operator with full passive hearing protection.


The headset is fitted with a digital adjustable volume control and provides a facility to allow the connection to a bodyworn radio, to allow the operator to hear incoming radio messages.


   Supreme Electronic Headset

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headsets


Introducing the latest in wireless communications and hearing protection technology. An easy to install weatherproof box contains the software & enables upto 8 headsets to connect and communicate with each other.

The box extends the range between headsets to 450 metres and provides additional features including group calls and voice dialling. A user can simply press a button and be connected in a conference call where everyone can speak together.



  • Group calls
  • Handsfree dialling
  • Ability to record voice calls
  • Solutions suitable for any environment
  • Easily integrates with PBX
  • Strong security-eavesdropping not possible
  • Solution uses unlicensed spectrum- no need to order and pay for frequencies from OFCOM!
  • voice recognition available



   sordin bluetooth 01



Sordin CC CutOff for GSM/DECT with 2.5mm stereo plug.

CC CutOff level dependent noise cancelling headsets reproduce ambient sounds whilst filtering harmful noise. Direct connection noise-cancelling headsets for two-way communications. Designed to remove the feeling of isolation normally associated with passive hearing protection.


The noise cancelling boom microphone filters backgound noise from speech transmission, even in noisy environments.



  • External microphones give excellent stereo sound reproduction inside the headset
  • Connectors fit directly onto specific radios without the need for using an adaptor
  • Audio sound level is limited to 82 dB(A) inside the headset
  • Good ambient noise attenuation allows clear, concise communication even in noisy environments
  • Headband and Helmet attachment versions to suit most requirements
  • Easy to use on/off-Press-to Talk combination switch



   sordin gsm dect 01



BL Listen Only ear muffs will connect to a wide range of CD players, alarms and scanners, so that you can still listen to them when working in noisy environments, while providing excellent protection against hazardous noise.



  • Good stereo sound reproduction
  • Detachable leads for connection to various radios, CD players, alarms and scanners.
  • Comes complete with 3.5mm stereo lead (mono option)
  • Broad range of cables available to suit most applications
  • Good noise attenuation gives excellent protection from harmful noise
  • Can be equipped with a variety of visors



sordin gsm dect 01   



Sordin Supreme is developed to conform to international MIL-specifications and other extreme conditions. Digital electronic sound reproduction for excellent sound reproduction.

Slim cup and headband design allows the headset to be worn under ballistic helmets. The digital electronic design is based upon our own ASIC circuit and controlled by a micro-processor. This makes it possible to combine very low current consumption with high performance. Clear, natural stereo sound reproduction.



  • Microphone positioning provides excellent stero sound reproduction of ambient sounds
  • Over 600 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries
  • Battery Save and Low battery warning system
  • The sound is limited to 82 dB(A) equivalent sound level
  • AUX input for connection of external radios
  • Water proof battery compartment. Flexible and shape-stable headband
  • Digital Electronics



 MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV


Slimline electronic level dependent headset designed for SWAT teams and Law enforcement type applications. Electret microphone.

A slimeline headset that can be used with or without ballistic helmets. The electronic circuit allows ambient noise amplification and two way communications even in high noise areas. High noise is automatically reduced to safe levels. The microphone is highly noise compensated and weather resistant with no external cables. All electronics are shielded with excellent resistance to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Similar products are now used with radios upto 20 watt output, fully operational.



  • Electronics reproduce ambient noise to a safe level removing the feeling of isolation
  • 600 hours battery life from 2 AAA batteries
  • Noise cancelling boom microphone allows clear speech transmission
  • Shielded electronics ensures excellent resistence to RFI
  • Available in Military green or black
  • Available for most radios
  • Electret noise cancelling microphone
Supreme Military 01 
MSA Sordin MSA-Sordin EXC/HPE


The earmuff that is so comfortable you will always want to wear it!

Unique injection moulded inserts provide excellent attenuation and maximum space for the ears inside the cup. EXC can be equipped with a variety of visors and is suitable for most noise situations. MSA Sordin MSA-Sordin HPE High attenuating passive earmuff offers excelent protection in high noise areas.

Passive earhuff designed to offer protection in areas of very high noise levels, especially in low frequencies. Can be equipped witha variety of visors.



  • Wide padded headband with ventilated padding
  • Excellent comfort
  • Large space for ears
  • Excellent passive noise attenuation
  • Available as headband or helmet attachment versions
  • Can be equipped with a variety of visors


Forestry Combinations


These lightweight but durable helmets maximise comfort and head protection. Complies with European Standard EN397 Available in white, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, black, High-Viz Orange and High-Viz Red.



  • 6-point harness
  • polyethylene shell
  • rain channel
  • slots for ear muffs
  • smart stylish design



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