Headset Interface Units & PTTs

Standard HIU


A simple interface between Radio Terminal and Headset. Using a 3.5mm Stereo Jack and/or remote PTT (– 3.5mm Jack). Integrated into the unit is a PTT and Volume Control dial.


 hiu 01


Ruggedised HIU


Offers the same features as the Standard HIU with the addition of the latching HiRose and Lemo Sockets for Headset and Remote PTT respectively.


hiu ruggedised 


Enhanced Headset Interface Unit 2 (EHIU2)



Also available is our Enhanced Headset Interface Unit 2 (EHIU2). Integrated into the unit is a PTT with non-verbal "tones" and a Volume Control dial.



At the top of the unit is a latching HiRose along with a side mounted 2.5mm receive only socket for headsets and receive only earpieces. The EHIU2 also has the capability of using a remote wireless PTT function, giving the user further flexibility for crucial communication.



The Rugged Wireless PTT can be used with a Picatinny Rail mount, or as a wrist/weapon strap deployment option.




   HIU enhanced

Black Public Order Torpedo PTT


Fitted with a velcro adjustable strap for secure fitting across the palm of your hand. Generally for firearms use.



   ptt public order

Flesh/Black Torpedo PTT


Flesh/Black coloured PTT. Much like the Black Public Order Torpedo PTT, except this device is strapless and are usualy for covert use. This PTT is generally used with Delta Vests.



   torpeado ptt

Ring PTT


This Ring PTT is a one size fits all. Its light and comfortable and is generally for firearms use.

ring ptt


Crouzet PTT


The Crouzet PTT is a versatile unit that through the use of the detachable velcro strap can be worn in the palm of the hand for mounted or public order roles or alternatively strapped to the stock of a weapon if used in a firearms role.


   crouzet ptt

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