ESN READY Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)


This BT RSM is specifically designed for use in Mission Critical environments, where dependable secure Bluetooth connection is a must.  Maximum flexibility is provided through additional programmable buttons and both earpiece and headset connectivity.  The BT RSM is ready for any scenario.



Engineered to specifically meet stringent Home Office ESN requirements, it replicates familiar TETRA controls for ease of user adoption.  As well as UK HO ESN readiness, Sonic’s BT RSM can be programmed to meet the interface requirements of most PTT over Cellular (PoC) applications.



A single rotary Volume/Talk Group select knob provides immediate control, whilst the EMERGENCY button is easy to find when the need arises.

Fully waterproofed to IP67 standard the Sonic BT RSM is designed to take the operational punishment expected in front line services, allowing smart devices to stay protected in pocket or pouch.  A wide selection of earpieces and headset options as well as remote PTT units make for maximum flexibility and deployment in multiple roles.



Calibrated microphone sensitivity and class-AB power amplifier make the Sonic BT RSM operationally effective in any environment.

Programmable Function Buttons add role specific controls from Whisper Mode, RTS and ANS/REJECT and END of VoLTE calls.

The unit is also available as a wired USB version for those not requiring Bluetooth wireless connectivity.





  • Talk Group Selector with volume control
  • Large PTT Button
  • Emergency Key
  • 2x Un-Assigned Button Function
  • Superb receive audio quality
  • High quality microphone with immunity from GSM/TDMA noise


Mechanical Characteristics


  • Weight 210 grams Operating Temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Moulding : Black ABS
  • Size: 81x65.5x32 mm

USB Version:

  • Cable USB C Polyurethane, colour black
  • Cable Pull 30 lbs
  • USB C Coiled Cord (5 mm in Black polyurethane)


Electrical Characteristics (Microphone)


  • Type Electret Noise Cancelling Sensitivity -44dB +/- 2dB @ 1KHz
  • Frequency Response 100 to 5 KHz (-8dB)
  • Operating Voltage 1.0V to 10V
  • Impedance 2K2 ohms



Electrical Characteristics (Speaker)


  • Type: Mylar Moving Coil Impedance: 4 ohms @ 1500 Hz
  • Sensitivity (1kHz): 95 +/- 3 db
  • Max output: 2.5 W
  • Frequency Response: 100 to 5.4KHz
  • SNR: 104 dB




  • Bluetooth v5.0 or USB Interface: • With Full-Speed Transceivers
  • Antialiasing filtering
  • Class AB audio amplifier to drive Loud Speaker.
  • Power: 3.3V DC
  • Standby Current: 250 µA
  • ADC,DAC mode + Vol Max Current: 10 mA
  • Power Amp Output: 2.4 Watts


Battery Type: 1000 mA/Hr Li-ion
Depth of Charge: 80% after 500 charge cycles
Battery Life: 1000 cycles (If properly charged/ discharged)







Recommended earpieces.



Picatinny PTT supplied with a weapon mounted rail or Velcro strap.





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