Radio Stations

Transportable Radio Stations

Desktop Radio Units


Where a temporary control or operations room is needed, the Sonic Desktop Units provide the cost effective answer.


Lightweight Transportable Station


Sonic’s Lightweight Transportable Station is suitable for all manner of mobile equipment. Complete with an integral rechargeable 13AHr NiMH battery, it can provide contingency communications at a moments notice, where higher power mobile coverage is an operational must.


Rugged Transportable Station


Where complete command and control communications solutions are required at a moment’s notice, the Sonic Rugged Transportable Station is a winner. The 13AHr NiMH rechargeable battery is selected for its readiness from long periods of charging on standby, to operational capability, without risk.

 radio transportables

Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway (S-TAG)


The Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway (S-TAG) has been designed to fulfil a gap in the market for a reliable, versatile and cost effective solution, to allow the connection and gateway function between a wide range of communications devices, mobile, portable and fixed and to be agnostic to the frequency, modulation or encryption methods employed by such equipment’s.


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