Audio Accessories
Sonic has grown to become the market leader in the design & integration of communications systems for use by the Police, Government, Fire & Industrial sectors.
Technical Surveillance
From here, the design process is established, forming the basis for the manufacturing process. All drawings are logged & can be used for product development.
All work is carried out in our main production area. Sonic prides itself by providing a UK self contained manufacturing facility.
Extending our manufacturing department, Sonic provide a wealth of capabilities within our machinery department.
Our specialist department carrying out production on Technical Surveillance equipment.
..and from where it all began. Sonic has a strong history of Motorcycle communications equipment installation having fitted a range of motorbikes spanning over 30 years.
Our vehicle equipment installation service provides capabilities to fit covert & overt equipment to a wide range of vehicle as shown in our car bay.
Our observation van department carries out covert surveillance vehicles for law enforcement agencies across the world.
Continuing our pursuit of excellence, Sonic offer an after service support team which forms part of our product development department.






Following the award of contract to Samsung in November 2017 for a ruggedized ESN device and catalogue of accessories, they have been working with partner Sonic Communications to produce a catalogue of accessories to suit operational needs of front line 3ES and specialist roles. ESN moved closer to the front line in early June with the first delivery of a rugged Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (BT RSM).




Working closely with user services provider Motorola and Kodiak, Sonic’s BT RSM is optimised to make use of the essential aspects of the KODIAK Voice App providing remote PTT, EMERGENCY activation, Channel and Volume Control as well as Call Ans/End, Whisper mode, Request To Speak and other functions yet to be released on the App. The rugged RSM includes a simple receive only earpiece connector and latching headset connector for specialist roles (Motorcyclist, Public Order, Firearms etc) without compromise of the IP67 environmental protection rating. Coupled with a wireless remote PTT unit the BT RSM provides the hub of accessory solutions to the majority of front line and specialist role.




An accommodating 15 hour battery life means that those unavoidable extended shifts are not compromised, and less than 3 hour recharge cycle brings the BT RSM quickly back into service. The BT RSM ships with a Klickfast ™ stud, which allows for quick and secure connection to current uniforms. It also ships with a choice of three receive only earpieces.




Sonic’s MD Neil Barker commented that “From the very start of this design project it was clear that a dedicated accessory was essential to maintain that vital voice link whilst allowing the ESN Ruggedised Public Safety Device to be used at arms length with other available applications, or protected in a pocket or pouch. Sonic’s BT RSM is designed to make use of muscle memory by looking and feeling like a familiar TETRA Radio with a rotary function knob doubling up as Volume and Talk Group selector whilst making use of latest voice enunciation technology to inform which talk group is selected without reference to the screen on the Ruggedised Public Safety device. The familiar orange Emergency Button is in an easy to find location to ensure that help is never too far from being hailed.”




Technical Manager Harnek Takhar added that “Bluetooth security concerns have been allayed with use of the latest BT modules, using the BT5.0 standard and all of it’s security and encryption facility. To further secure the pairing process an NFC capability is added to enable out of band pairing, which of course also takes away the threat of pairing with a colleagues ESN Rugged Device at the start of a team shift.”




Receive earpieces are available in three familiar designs including acoustic tube, G earhook and earhanger.




This delivery follows nearly two years of co-operation between Sonic, SAMSUNG, the ESN project and the Motorola KODIAK team to ensure this device not only meets the stringent requirements laid down by the HO but also makes use of Sonic’s 40 plus years’ experience of providing accessories to critical communications user groups.





Diligent design work looks set to pay off with not only the ESN project but other adopters of LTE voice apps throughout Europe looking closely at this development to meet their own operational needs. Sonic’s software team have already successfully tested the device on several alternative applications.




Work continues on a USB connected RSM with all of the features of the BT RSM ready for the release of the appropriate KODIAK version.



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