Merlin Transportable Battery

PowerCentre is a unique long lasting source of rechargeable 12 Volt power for field operations. The unit uses a highly advanced, 40 A/h Lithium-Ion battery which is much smaller and lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery. Using phosphate cathode means it will not suffer from thermal runaway.


PowerCentre can be discharged to 80% capacity each time it is used and cannot be flattened. At these levels, its lifespan will be around seven to ten times that of a good quality VRLA AGM, lead-acid battery pack.


PowerCentre’s do not suffer from loss of capacity (memory effect) from only being partially recharged.


With the lid shut and in use, the unit is water and dust proof. The Peli-Case design makes it virtually indestructible. PowerCentres in-built vehicle and mains charging systems allows you to replenish the unit anytime.





  • A super reliable, rugged, waterproof, portable power system for those who need a long lasting source of 12 Volt power in the field
  • Super safe, Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery technology makes the PowerCentre 50% the size of any comparable lead acid pack and at 12.6Kg, 1/3 of the weight
  • 40 amp hour rated internal battery supports up to 2000 complete charge / discharge cycles, to 80% depth of discharge. Internal automatic protection against beING flattened
  • Easy to use LED, state of charge indicator
  • In built vehicle and mains chargers, so the PowerCentre can be replenished anywhere


merlin battery transportable 01

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