Transportable Battery 25A/h

To assist the rapid deployment of 12v powered equipments, Sonic provide a range of re-chargeable batteries; from bodyworn Ni-MH packs to transportable 25A and 65A Gel batteries, as shown.


The existing features of an internal 240v ac mains charger and LCD battery voltmeter are retained and the pack is now fitted with 1x internal output socket and 1x externalwaterproof 12v dc output socket,allowing the pack to be deployed outside and buried if required.


The rugged transportable case is now fitted with a nylon equipment carrying pouch to store the supplied mains and dc output leads. The pouch can be removed if required before deployment, by releasing the 4 press-stud fasteners.


Now available as an option for use along with the Transportable Battery Pack is a rapid mains charger, which allows the battery to be fully charged in a 4-hour period.

Technical Specifications


  • 25Amp/Hr Battery capacity . (65 Amp/Hr optional)
  • 85 ~ 250 Volts AC input fuse 3.15 Amps.
  • 12 Volts DC output fuse 10 Amps.
  • Dimensions 25 Amp/Hr 370mmx300mmx150mm.
  • Dimensions 65 Amp/Hr 485mmx355mmx185mm
  • Temperature -20C to +40C.
  • Weight 25 Amp/Hr 14.15 Kgs.
  • Weight 65 Amp/Hr Approx 30 Kgs + (HEAVY)
  • Output voltage + 12V DC
  • Waterproof IP 54.
  • DC outlet sockets
  • Pin 1. Ground.
  • Pin 2. No connection.
  • Pin 3. No connection.
  • Pin 4. +12 Volts.



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