Pan & Tilt

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd also supply a wide range of motorised Pan & Tilt units, to suit all camera types and environmental conditions. These are available for 12v operation as standard, or can be supplied with DC/DC converters or AC mains adaptors, to suit other requirements.


In addition to conventional pan & tilt drives, we also provide a number of forward pivoting pan & tilt units to suit all camera sizes, designed to allow the minimum size of viewing window to be provided, yet still allowing horizontal and vertical movement to be achieved. Used in conjunction with pinhole lens cameras, it means that you can achieve pan & tilt movement through a hole only 2mm in diameter.

sonic pan tilt h2001
  • Sonic 12v Cylindrical Motorised Pan & Tilt unit.
  • 340 Degree Pan
  • 30 Degree Tilt
  • 2.7Kg load
  • 90 x 103 x 120mm
  • H2001 12v Compact Pan & tilt unit.
  • 270 Degree Pan (Adjustable limit switches)
  • 270 Degree Tilt
  • Load up to 1kg
  • 70 x 70 x 60mm
 h2003  h2002
  • H2003 12v Forward Pivot Pan & Tilt unit
  • 60 Degree Pan
  • 55 Degree Tilt
  • Load up to 1kg
  • 200 x 145 x 230mm
  • H2002 12v Miniature Forward Pivot Pan & Tilt unit
  • 90 Degree Pan
  • 55 Degree Tilt
  • Suitable for Bullet and PCB cameras
  • 130 x 65 x 110mm
bowler PAN TILT
  • Weather-Proof External/Pan & Tilt
  • Pan - 350°
  • Tilt - -90° to +30°
  • 146mm x 145mm x 150mm
  • <2.3kg
  • Suitable for payloads of up to 6kg with a
  • balanced load/slow speed gearbox



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