Pan & Tilt

Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd also supply a wide range of motorised Pan & Tilt units, to suit all camera types and environmental conditions. These are available for 12v operation as standard, or can be supplied with DC/DC converters or AC mains adaptors, to suit other requirements.


In addition to conventional pan & tilt drives, we also provide a number of forward pivoting pan & tilt units to suit all camera sizes, designed to allow the minimum size of viewing window to be provided, yet still allowing horizontal and vertical movement to be achieved. Used in conjunction with pinhole lens cameras, it means that you can achieve pan & tilt movement through a hole only 2mm in diameter.



Sonic Pan & Tilt


sonic pan tilt

H2001 Pan & Tilt





  • Sonic 12v Cylindrical Motorised Pan & Tilt unit.
  • 340 Degree Pan
  • 30 Degree Tilt
  • 2.7Kg load
  • 90 x 103 x 120mm



  • H2001 12v Compact Pan & tilt unit.
  • 270 Degree Pan (Adjustable limit switches)
  • 270 Degree Tilt
  • Load up to 1kg
  • 70 x 70 x 60mm

H2008 Pan & Tilt


 H2008 01

H2012 Pan & Tilt


 H2012 01

The H2008 is designed specifically for our range of zoom cameras in our fully sealed, dry nitrogen purged weatherproof housings.






  • 770g
  • 16(w) x 12(d) x 17(h) cm
  • angulation of:
    • Pan +/-30°    
    • Tilt Up 20°   
    • Tilt Down 25°


Applications include covert hides in vehicles, signs, ornaments, walls, boxes etc.

The H2012 is a miniature front pivot pan & tilt unit for operation on 12Vdc systems drawing ~10mA. It is now able to fit ‘lipstick’ cameras with diameters of 19, 20, 23 & 30mm and moves at around 6° /second at 12Vdc.




  • 450g
  • 13(w) x 6.5(d) x 11.5(h) cm
  • angulation of:
    • Pan +/-45°    
    • Tilt Up 15°   
    • Tilt Down 40°


Applications include covert hides in vehicles, signs, ornaments, walls etc.


When using a pinhole camera in combination with the H2012 mini front pivot pan and tilt unit you can achieve a much wider viewing angle than you would with a static (non moving) pinhole camera.


The H2012 has been adapted from the old model H2002 and improvements made are primarily an upgraded diameter allowance for cameras such as the Axis F1025 pictured.

Weather-Proof External/Pan & Tilt


bowler PAN TILT

H2020 Pan & Tilt with IP Options


H2020 01



  • Pan - 350°
  • Tilt - -90° to +30°
  • 146mm x 145mm x 150mm
  • <2.3kg
  • Suitable for payloads of up to 6kg with a balanced load/slow speed gearbox


The H2020 is a medium duty, weatherproof IP67, 12Vdc, black anodised pan & tilt unit for cameras and antennas. It features a worm gear drive which minimises backlash and provides a mechanical movement lock when stationary. The dual 14 pin MIL-C connectors provide loop through links to a camera / lens.



There are four models available:



with direct 4 wire connection to the gear motors.


with the addition of pre-set potentiometers.


control with Sony VISCA RS232.


with the addition of six VISCA pre-set memories.


The VISCA models can be directly connected to video servers and modems etc supporting Sony VISCA protocol, making them an ideal Pan and Tilt for CCD or network cameras coupled to long range motorised zoom lenses.


A VISCA converter board can be fitted internally to drive existing conventional motorised zoom and focus lenses.







Maximum 15kg balanced static load.


12Vdc for VISCA models.

Varying speed 2 - 12Vdc motor drive for standard models with polarity reversal for direction change.

Motor drive current is 150 – 300mA.


Pan 360°, Tilt 330° (factory set to +/- 45°).

Adjustable internal limit switches.

Maximum speed with standard gear motors 8°/second.

Weight 4.5kg.

Dimensions: 250W x 240H x 80mmD.

There are five x M8 tapped mounting holes in base.


Slow speed gearmotors for long range lenses.

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