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Genesis 5

Genesis 5 headsets incorporate a Ring and Spring securing mechanism to an in-ear mould combining the robust design of Genesis-1 and the low profile of Genesis-2.

The system incorporates a Velcro strap PTT.

Genesis-5 Custom (Ring & Spring) Headset System (Non Filtered/Fully Occluding) – Approved to EN352-2:2002 Low profile, adjustable, noise cancelling motorcycle headset providing measured hearing protection to EN352-2:2002.

Features & Specifications

  • Approved to EN352-2:2002

  • SNR: 23dB

  • HML: H=21dB; M=20dB; L=20dB

  • Certificate Number: 2777/13788-02/E00-00

  • Earmould Colour: Red or Clear as standard, other colours available on request (e.g. Blue or Yellow)

  • Optional Passive Accoustic Filter

Note: Not currently approved with inclusion of passive acoustic filter as this reduces the earmould attenuation figures down from 23dB to approx 18-19dB.

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