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Phonak Nano Digital Wireless Earpiece

The Phonak Phonito Digital wireless earpiece features automatic detection and suppression of electromagnetic interference, Soft Squelch, automatic gain control, an acoustic "low battery" warning, and an anatomical shape.

Features & Specifications

  • Length/width: 16.4 mm/10.9-9.7 mm

  • Weight: 1.3g incl. battery

  • Max. volume at 1 kHz, automatically limited: 100 dB SPL

  • Type of receiver: digital/inductive

  • Frequency band: 300 Hz to 5000 Hz

  • Background noise filter (when no audio signal): soft squelch

  • Battery type/average life: Zinc-air, size 10/80h

  • End-of-battery-life warning: 3 x 3 beeps

  • Two colours options, beige or brown

Packaging contains:

  • Phonito Digital earpiece

  • 6 Batteries

  • Set of 11 wax guards

  • Cotton buds

  • Safety carry on box

  • Mirror

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