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Salamander FV

The Salamander FV Intercom system is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Allowing up to 4 operators to communicate hands-free intra-vehicle. The system also distributes received audio from up to two connected radios to all users, and a loudspeaker for wider crew situational awareness.

Integrated digital volume control allows the operator to select a comfortable receive audio level, whilst a dual button in-line PTT module integrated with the headset allows transmission on either installed radios from all crew positions.

Suitable for installation into Protected Mobility Vehicles and High Mobility Weapons Platforms, Salamander FV enhances crew situational awareness and cohesion.

Features & Specifications

Salamander FV Master Interface Unit

  • Military amphenol connectors

  • Up to 4 Salamander FV slave units

  • 1 Salamander FV loudspeaker

  • 2 connected commercial or military radios

  • 12/24 V dc input

  • Includes digital loudspeaker volume control

  • Radio Tx LED indication

  • IP65

Salamander FV Slave Unit

  • Military amphenol connected single headset

  • Digital volume control

  • IP65

Salamander FV Loudspeaker

  • High power weather-proof speaker with high audio clarity

  • IP65

Salamander-FV Tactical Headset

  • Single sided tactical headset

  • Adjustable headband

  • Quick change between left & right side use

  • In-Line dual PTT

  • High quality waterproof noise cancelling microphone on a boom microphone

  • Waterproof comms quality 150 Ohm speaker

  • IP67


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