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Thank You Neil

Updated: Mar 13

As many of you will know, Neil has been a cornerstone of Sonic Communications for some 37 years and instrumental in the success of the business over that time.


As we now move into a new phase of our development and with Neil leaving us, we have a new Sales Team ready to take us forward for the next 30+ Years.


Replacing Neil will be Marcus Twomlow as Sales Director for the business.  Marcus has 30+ years of experience with Sonic and will continue to lead our sales, maintaining a consistent approach to our Sonic products and services together with the support of his team.


A new addition to that team is Samuel Hunter, who is taking on the role as Government Account Manager. Sam brings both practical knowledge and military experience to the position and will be responsible for a number of key accounts formerly managed by Neil.


We thank Neil for all his years of Service and wish him well for the future.  Neil has been an intrinsic part of making Sonic what it is now.  That’s something we won’t forget and something we are all very proud of and grateful for.


Enjoy Neil and Thank you!


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


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