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2-Wire Kit, Tubed Sound Receiver

The Two Wire Tubed sound FBI type receiver with transparent earpiece and covert microphone is ideal for semi covert operations or when presence of communications for Bodyguards, VIP Protection or Crowd control could be an asset.

The PTT can be hand held or attached to the clothing of the user with supplied clip and has a high quality integrated Knowles microphone.

The acoustic tube is supplied in a boxed kit with a range of different size earpieces and can be worn on the right or left hand side of the user.

Features & Specifications

  • Designed for extended wear in active environments and is unique for VIP role

  • Lightweight frame for superior comfort and fit 

  • Transparent Acoustic Tube with clip for shirt collar 

  • Handheld remote PTT switch with integrated high quality Knowles microphone 

  • Superb receive audio quality


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