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Delta 5 Short Body

Delta-5 is one of the latest designs from the range of Delta Tactical Radio Equipment Carrying Garments. Listening and learning from the feedback we have received from the surveillance user community, Delta -5 benefits from a number of design and textile advancements but never straying from the original basic concept of a comfortable, excellent quality garment that allows for a radio and its associated accessories to be worn beneath plain clothes.

One of the key Delta-5 features that separates it from the rest of the Delta range is that it features dual left and right hand side radio pockets that are slim and unobtrusive, allowing the user to dictate which side they choose to wear their radio. This simple design addition now permits users to comfortably wear other items of equipment, separate to the vest when required, without conflicting with the space occupied by the radio.

This user feedback request increases the garments flexibility of use and reduces cost by allowing one garment to suit a greater number of individuals requirements.

Features & Specifications

  • Latest Tactel and Power mesh ‘Airflow’ Fabric

  • Silverplus ‘Antibacterial’ coating

  • Slim & unobtrusive reinforced left/right hand side radio pockets with YKK zips for easy radio access / battery changing

  • Sport style cut away Power mesh back panel for greater comfort

  • Lower neckline for reduced visibility under outer garments

  • Minimal Velcro tabs for neck-loop retention

  • Various cut-outs to allow easier cable management / routing

  • Reshaped for even smoother lines

  • Integral Di-Pole antenna retention system

  • Sewn in Velcro for easy standard microphone/inductor retention

  • Tactel loops underneath both shoulder straps to retain latest design shoulder microphone/inductor pads

  • Comes in black or white, with or without a zip

Chest Sizes:

  • XS = 85-89cm

  • S = 90-94cm

  • M = 95-99cm

  • L = 100-109cm

  • XL = 110-119cm

  • XXL = 120-129cm

  • XXXL = 130-139cm

Part Numbers: 

CA(18004 for zip, or, 18002 for no zip) / (01 for black, or, 02 for white) / (Size e.g. M)

E.g. CA18004/01/XL

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