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DigitalX Wireless Earpiece

DigitalX Wireless Earpiece Kit makes use of our new “X” shell and contains Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to limit sound to 96dB and to eliminate noise when the associated radio is not receiving. Available in three skin tones, incorporating revolving on/off battery door and removable Waxtraps to assist cleaning. Includes 6 Batteries, a pack of Waxtraps and Insertion Tool in a Storage Case.

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 300-3000Hz

  • DSP Type: Digital Hybrid, DSP and EEPROM with custom Firmware & Software

  • Distortion: <10% @ 1kHz

  • Receiver: Balanced Armature

  • Max Output limited Sound Pressure Level (2cc coupler) @1kHz:96dB ±2dB

  • Quiescent Noise Control (no audio input): Soft Squelch.

  • Quiescent Noise : 35dB

  • End of Battery Life: Audible Beep

  • Battery: 1.4 VDC A10 Zinc Air

  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 1.1 VDC

  • Typical Battery Life: >50 hours

  • Sensitivity (Standard): 75dB@1kHZ ±3dB/10mA/M

  • Size: Nominal max, Length: 15mm x Width:8mm

  • Weight (including battery): 1.75 grams inc. battery

  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +40°C

  • Cerumen Filter Type: Replaceable Mesh Filter

  • Colour Options: Beige, Mid Brown, Dark Brown

  • Custom Fit Option: Available at additional charge.

Part Numbers

  • CA18916 = DigitalX Light European

  • CA18916/01 = DigitalX Dark European

  • CA18916/02 = DigitalX Afro Caribbean

Note: Suitable for use with a Brooch Inductor & Microphone or Neckloop Inductor & Microphone.

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