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Micro Stealth Wireless Earpiece

Micro Stealth Wireless Earpiece Kit. A ‘Squelched’ wireless ear piece which offers a no hiss function (used in both left and right ear), incorporating flip opening battery door and removable Wax traps to assist cleaning. Includes a pack of 6x batteries, 15x wax traps and insertion tool in a storage case. Suitable for left or right hand side use.

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 300-5000Hz

  • Distortion: <10% @ 1kHz

  • Receiver: Balanced Armature

  • Maximum Output Sound Pressure Level: 110dB ±3dB

  • Battery: 1.4 VDC A10 Zinc Air

  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 1.1 VDC

  • Typical Battery Life: >100 hours

  • Sensitivity: 70dB@1kHZ ±3dB/10mA/M

  • AGC Attack: < 0.5 seconds

  • AGC Release: < 0.5 seconds

  • Amplifier: Proprietary analogue

  • Size: Nominal max: Length:15mm x Width:8mm

  • Weight (including battery): 1.20 grams

  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +40°C

  • Cerumen Filter Type: Replaceable Mesh Filter

  • Colour Options: Beige, Mid Brown, Dark Brown.

  • Custom Fit Option: Available at additional charge.

  • Quiescent noise: < 35dB

Part Numbers

  • CA18564 = Micro Stealth Light European

  • CA18564/01 = Mirco Stealth Dark European

  • CA18564/02 = Micro Stealth Afro Caribbean

Note: Suitable for use with a Brooch Inductor & Microphone or Neckloop Inductor & Microphone.

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