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Micro Wireless Earpiece

As well as incorporating proven LD5 technology, the Micro Wireless Earpiece is the smallest earpiece available. It uses the micro shell size to fit both left and right ears, and is available in 3 skin tones. The Micro Wireless Earpiece incorporates a revolving on/off battery door and removable Waxtraps to assist cleaning.

Comes complete with black zip case, 6x 10AE batteries, 15x Wax Traps and fitting tool with user instructions. Suitable for left or right hand side use.

Features & Specifications

  • Material : ABS

  • Colour : Light European, Dark European and Afro Caribbean

  • Battery : 10AE

  • Output : 75dB SPL (1KHz 10mA/m +/-5 RT F)


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