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Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway (S-TAG)

The Sonic Tactical Audio Gateway (S-TAG) has been designed as a reliable, versatile and cost-effective solution for the connection and gateway function of a wide range of communications devices. These include mobile, portable and fixed stations. The S-TAG is designed to be agnostic to the frequency, modulation and encryption methods employed by such equipment.

Set up and operation is simple and once configured, does not require the use of a PC or specialised knowledge of IP or radio theory to control it. However, full training on how to configure S-TAG and how to set up an effective voice bridge is available.

S-TAG allows the connection of disparate communications systems to provide interoperability between organisations in any scenario where combined operations are necessary, but different communications systems are being used and are compatible with all commercial PMR, TETRA, DMR, P25, Satellite (PTT) devices and Military radios.

S-TAG can interface between 3 communications devices, 2x HF, VHF, UHF radios or BLoS satellite PTT terminals, in any combination and any PTT over Cellular (PoC)/VoLTE solution running on a standard SmartPhone, such as Wave, Zello or any other suitable application that allows a remote audio accessory connection via its 3.5mm earpiece socket. Connection to SmartPhones can also be offered via USB (for compatible devices) or by Bluetooth, if a wireless connection to the SmartPhone is required.

S-TAG provides a USB charge output for the SmartPhone to ensure its battery remains charged and power for S-TAG can be provided either from the connected devices or a separate DC supply. No additional license or costs are required to allow the use of all 3 ports.

Each connected device can be selected to participate in the “Gateway” connection, or de-selected during an operation as required, using the individual Net selection buttons on S-TAG, with an overall gateway On/Off switch to quickly enable or disable the gateway function if required.

A local engineering audio device, such as a fist microphone, handset or headset with PTT can be connected to S-TAG, to allow an operator to monitor and transmit out on selected Nets, which can be configured as required using the individual front panel Net selection buttons.

Connecting cables are available for a wide range of communication devices, with any level adjustments or other device specific requirements being carried out using the supplied PC software connected to the gateway via its USB socket, which is also used to carry out any future firmware updates.

Various additional packaged solutions are also available, including the integration of S-TAG into mobile radio transportable stations, backpacks and fixed stations.

Additionally, the S-TAG can be installed into overt or covert vehicles. This can provide a mobile gateway link to a team operating on their closed radio Net, to another team, or to a remote Ops room over a VoLTE or Satellite system such as Iridium PTT and allow them to monitor only or participate as required.

For such installations, S-TAG also provides a wired remote-control unit, allowing all the functions available on the gateway front panel to be made available at the front of the vehicle, with the S-TAG and associated radio equipment, located at the rear of the vehicle.

Features & Specifications

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