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LD5 Covert Wireless Earpiece - End of an Era

Updated: Jan 29

After nearly 30 years of service which has seen the product constantly evolve and embrace a range of emerging technological advances, we finally say goodbye to the LD5 Covert Wireless Earpiece Range.

The LD5 form factor/shell has been a firm favourite within the surveillance community throughout the UK and Internationally over that time, but with the advancement in design and product miniaturisation the LD5 will now step aside with the latest Sonic Micro and X Shell models becoming the new standard in size and performance in 2023.

Coupled with their smaller size, both models offer a choice of technologies to combat unwanted electromagnetic noise through to the market leading D-R5 Range* which offers an almost interference free experience.

To view our range of covert wireless earpieces, please take a look at our audio products page or speak to one of our Sales Team.

*D-R5 is available in Micro D-R5 or D-R5X and requires corresponding D-R5 body worn/vehicle accessories.

Note to Exiting Customers: Frameworks/Contracts that specifically include the LD5 will continue to be fulfilled and updated accordingly on their expiration date.


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